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what are the Benefits of Ketones?

Which benefit is most important to you?

Pure Therapeutic Ketones as an alternative energy source benefit a wide range of processes within the body.  Particularly of

interest  are as a  fuel source for the brain and as an appetite suppressant and to assist with Fat Loss.  

For additional detail  on the benefits click on the following links  Fat Loss and Appetite Suppression, Muscle Preservation and Strength Gain, Fast Sustained Energy, Mental  Clarity and Reduced Brain Fog, Better Mood, Better Sleep, Reduced Inflammation, Better Digestion and Clearer Skin.

Fat Loss and Appetite Suppression
Muscle Preservation and Strength Gain
Fast Sustained Energy
Mental  Clarity and Reduced Brain Fog
Better Mood,
Better Sleep 

Reduced Inflammation 

Better Digestion
Clearer Skin.

How do we get Ketones into our body...

There are 4 Main ways to Get into Ketosis


When our body has exhausted it's carbohydrate stores (glycogen) it switches over to breaking down fat for energy.  Depending on your activity it can  take up to 36 hours before we are making our own endogenous ketones.


A very strict Low Carbohydrate Diet less than 20g of Carbs per day can put the body into a state of ketosis. In order to stay in ketosis you have to  strictly adhere to less than 20g carbs/day. While not impossible it can be done but it needs to be a total shift in lifestyle. 


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) are found in Coconut Oil. Because of their smaller size they are transported directly to the Liver and converted directly into ketones for energy.   One major drawback with MCT oil  is that too much can cause stomach upset... aka Disaster Pants


In 2015 Pruvit launched the first commercially available drinkable 'exogenous' (outside the body) ketones that put you in ketosis in 59 minutes.  Drinkable ketones have been a game changer in terms of convenience and speed and has helped spur the popularity  of the Keto Konversation  and Ketogenic Diet around the Globe.

I'd been overweight for over 20 years before I started drinking ketones and working with Gavin Allinson who helped support me through the process. I've now lost close to 100lbs and my life is totally different.. 

Neil 'Barney' Rumble ‧ Retired Royal Air Force 

FREE Guide: How to Use Exogenous Ketones

4 Protocols to Get you Started

As Ketones are so versatile there are numerous ways that you can use Ketones depending on the benefit that you are looking to achieve.  We've outlined the 4 most common strategies that are used for 

  • 1 - Morning Fat Loss and Fierce Focus

 Drink ketones in the morning having skipped breakfast before having lunch.  Helps provide appetite suppression and mental focus before lunch improving Fat Loss and Productivity

  • 2- Morning Focus and Productivity

Morning Coffee with Keto Kreme  ( includes) MCT Oils, then backed up with a sachet of Exogenous Ketones.  You'll be able to bust through your morning work and may even have Lunch after 1PM

  • 3 Ketones for Breakfast Lovers

 If you love eating breakfast then this is the perfect protocol for you. Have a sachet of ketones between 10 and 11 and another sachet in the later afternoon 

  • 4 - Sleep Like a Baby 

 People are often surprised that ketones that can provide additional energy  during the day can  also help improve your sleep. You want to drink caffeine free ketones in the early evening and go to bed with a dose of MCT oil.

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10 Day Drink Ketone Challenge: 

The Best way to Experience the Power of  Exogenous Ketones


Pruvit Ketones taste amazing. In the 10 Day Drink Ketone Challenge you get 20 sachets of ketones, 10 with Caffeine and 10 Caffeine Free with 5 different flavours.  Work out which is your favorite flavour.


Access Facebook Groups and resources: Meal Plans, Movement Guides and Coaching and support to get all your questions answered.. 


After drinking 2 Sachets of Ketones  a day for 10 Days , you will know what it's liked to be fuelled by the body's preferred fuel source. 

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don't like ketones, you can contact Pruvit for a 100% money back guaranteed.  Please give yourself the opportunity to experience the benefits of ketones. 

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Ketone Specialists

Gavin Allinson

Fat Loss, Fasting  and Sports Performance Expert

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60 Hour Keto Reboot Fast: 

60 Hour Ketone Assisted Fast

Just like rebooting a computer that is performing slowly a 60 hour Keto Reboot assists you to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. By conquering a 60 hour Keto reboot, you give your body's systems the opportunity to reset themselves.  The 60 Hour Reboot includes the following Pruvit Products.


Ketones help improve compliance while fasting and if you are
in- experienced with fasting they can help provide additional energy so you can function optimally without food. 


Contains Type II Collagen Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help repair skin and connective tissue. 

  • SIGNAL OS - AM and PM

Signal OS enables your body to improve DNA and cellular signalling while supporting a healthy immune system.

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