What Are Exogenous Ketones

The NEW fuel source for Human Performance

What are the benefits of Ketones?

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Adhering to the Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet) involves the body switching it's primary fuel source from Carbohydrate to a metabolic state utilising body fat and Fat that we eat as the primary fuel source.

Most of us follow a High Carb Western Diet where we use glucose or sugar as fuel, because we ingest those ingredients more frequently that is what our body uses to create energy.

However, when we switch to a high fat low carb (HFLC) diet, this allows our body to transition from using sugar to using fat as our primary source of fuel. The body is now literally burning fat for energy! .
Maintaining a Keto Diet requires a significant Lifestyle change, exogenous ketones make the transition to burning fat easier.

Pruvit  Exogenous Ketones 

Pruvit produced the first commercially available exogenous ketone product in 2015.  Pruvit are continually developing new ketone products and are the category king in the ketone market.

Raspberry Lemonade - Keto OS Nat

KETO//OS NAT Raspberry Lemonade produces the most bioavailable ketone salts through the first and only naturally fermented process. Now that’s Nutritionally Advanced Technology™.

Benefits of Ketosis

There are 3 ways that you can get ketones into your body.  

1. Strict Ketogenic Diet
High Fat Low Carb eating style
Restrict carbohydrate to less than 20 g per day

2. Prolonged Fasting
After 24-36 hours glycogen is depleted and 
you start breaking down body fat to produce ketones.

3 Drink Exogenous Ketones
You can reach levels of ketosis >0.5mm within an hour by drinking exogenous ketones

Keto Coaching

Gavin Allinson has been a Sports Nutritionist for 15 years and has been working with clients using the Ketones and the Ketogenic Diet for 4 years. If you are struggling with the ketogenic diet or want the assurance from an experienced professional then  apply for a Free 30 min Coaching session fill in the application below


Latest Info about Exogenous Ketones?

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