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Cliff Harvey Cross Fit Joe Rogister Sports Performance Videos

Cliff Harvey Cross Fit, Ketones and High Intensity Exercise

December 21, 2017

Joe Rogister interviews Cliff Harvey on Ketones and using them for Cross fit.

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5mins 30- Cliff thoughts on Crossfit Regionals

6mins 35- from a performance point, can you burn glycogen and ketones at the same, or does one cancel out the other? E.g. Sports drinks, foods, other supplements (bcaas, protein, gels etc) that are taken during competition days

8mins 15- Power athletes looking for explosive strength, should they be looking into a ketogenic diet?

10mins 55- How do exogenous ketones differ in response to training, in comparison to ketones produced by the body with a keto diet?

13mins 45- in a high intensity workout (1-10min) would you still burn glycogen first or the ketone supplement?

16mins 15- ketone fueled vs Sugar fueled athlete who would win?

18mins- benefits of ketones for recovery?

20mins 30- Anti inflammatory effects?

22min 50- with Ketones, can you still have explosive power you are looking for? Will Ketones help?

24mins 45- any other supplements that we need to worry about when taking exogenous ketones? E.g. Creatine, resveratrol

26mins 30- How will ketones help cross fit athletes with cognition in workouts?

30mins- How do Ketones actually put us into Ketosis within 60mins?

31mins 40- forms of measurement? E.g urinalysis(pee sticks)

33mins- Can we just buy BHB by itself and get similar benefits to taking Keto//OS?

34mins 35- Reason that someone can be stiffer after taking the product? More joint or arthritic pain?

37mins 50- recommendations for a cross fit athlete on taking Ketones? With a recreational athlete?

39mins- With elite level cross fit athletes?

41mins 20- safety of ketones for the kidneys?

42mins 10- Are the questions of safety based on stigma left from Atkins diet?

43mins 40- Any issues with long term health for women taking Ketones?

45mins- Question around the sodium levels in the product and Vitamin K and blood thinning?

46mins 35- Sodium levels in the product?

49mins 15- Why are people still skeptical about this product?

51mins 30- Final comments from Cliff surrounding the benefits and results he is getting?


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