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Tim Ferriss Podcast 3 with Dr Dom D’Agostino on Disease Prevention, Cancer, and Living Longer

August 24, 2017

Published in Oct 2016 this was Dr Dom D’Agostino’s 3rd appearance on the Tim Ferriss podcast.

Show notes

  • Does the ketogenic diet “beat” chemotherapy for cancer? [06:45]
  • Dom elaborates on the detoxifying effects of ketosis on precancerous cells in healthy individuals. [15:07]
  • How does one jump start a daily ketogenic cycle without supplements? [16:25]
  • How can lean muscle mass be maintained when fasting? [17:56]
  • What types of cancers are most affected by ketosis? [21:34]
  • What process is most effective for targeting cancer? [23:25]
  • The ketogenic diet as a do no harm therapy. [26:14]
  • Nutritional ketosis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy: how, why, and when? [27:51]
  • How long would an amateur endurance athlete need to be in ketosis to get the full benefit of being fat adapted for a marathon, and what supplement stack would Dom recommend? [33:47]
  • Should an APOE4 (Apolipoprotein E) carrier — someone at genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease — be careful with a ketogenic diet? [36:35]
  • Are there any downsides to shifting out of ketosis for an occasional cheat meal? [41:06]
  • What does Dom have to say about the study that found ketogenic diets have no metabolic advantage? [46:19]
  • If your body doesn’t do well with dairy or nuts, what would be good fat source alternatives on a modified ketogenic diet? [48:58]
  • Dom talks about Metformin, methylene blue, and other non-food substances meant to increase longevity. [50:24]
  • Can the ketogenic diet be used while glycolytic training? [58:06]
  • What is it like for Dom to be an academic who makes serious weight training a big part of his life, and how do these two pursuits complement (or complicate) each other? [1:01:06]
  • Dom’s thoughts on John Kiefer’s carb backloading. [1:07:26]
  • Are ketone salt products on the market safe — specifically the DL beta-Hydroxybutyric salts? [1:12:27]




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