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How to use exogenous ketones

May 14, 2017

There are numerous ways to use exogenous ketones and it depends on what your goals or desired outcomes .

The majority of people will be looking at the product initially to lose some fat a common way that people use the product is as part of an intermittent fasting approach.

Here is an example…

1 wake up in the morning drink some water maybe have a little additional salt and eighth of a teaspoon

2 Wait until you start to feel hungry and then mix the ketones in a large shaker  or glass of water and drink slowly over 30 minutes.

3 Wait until you are hungry until you have your first meal.

Many people you will be able to go through until past  lunchtime before you start to feel hungry.

4 Eat your first meal Eliminate processed carbs ( bread, pasta, rice, cakes and pastries) to get the best fat loss benefits, instead eat slightly more healthy fats.

5 Because you are eating in a shortened time period make sure that you are hitting your optimum number of overall calories to support your goal.

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