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Russell Brunson Marketing Secrets Podcast – What I learnt from hanging with Pruvit CEO Brian Underwood

October 13, 2018

Here are some notes and observations from the marketing secrets podcast published Oct 2018. The first part of the 11 min recording sets the stage where Russell Brunson describes the complicated arrangements of meeting up with Grant Cardone and Brian Underwood.

Here’s Russell, Brian and Grant from his Instagram post

And we’re sitting in this plane and it’s crazy because Pruvit was launched the same time that Clickfunnels was (Sep 2015), some of you guys know that I was the one that wrote the explainer video, the campfire video that kind of launched Pruvit, but also launched the keto movement.

Gav—Here is the campfire video here if you’ve not seen it before, even if you have it’s worth watching again it’s got some fabulous marketing messages in it.

Back to Russell…

If you look at before campfire video nobody was talking about ketosis, it wasn’t a thing, and now it’s like every ad on Facebook is keto whatever.

Gav- some info from Google Trends Keto in Blue, Vegan in Red

But the category king of ketosis is Pruvit
Russell Brunson


They will do half a billion dollars in sales this year. And we’re sitting on this private plane flying with Brian Underwood (Pruvit CEO) and everyone, and I had the next big vision of just like, man,

I keep thinking that I am a big thinker and I’m sitting here in this plane with Brian
who started the company the same time we launched Clickfunnels, and Clickfunnels is doing well, we’ll do 100 million this year, but they’re gonna do a half a billion.

Gav..Here’s my thoughts….

I’ve been in small group meetings with Brian Underwood and have seen him speak on stage at larger events at least half a dozen times, he is a Visionary not only in terms of KETONES and Ketosis but also the philosophy that he is imbuing the company with.

It’s in the Company DNA
It’s in the name of the company PRUVIT –
Don’t say you are going to do something PRUV IT !!

Not only are Pruvit the category kings of the Keto Conversation they are re-inventing how referral based marketing is done, that’s how a company like Pruvit grow to $500 million in sales in only their third full year in business.

Going back to the Podcast….and what Russell Brunson got from hanging out with Brian Underwoood and Grant Cardone…

It’s the power of Association, when you hang around people that have done something that you haven’t it gives you the belief that if they can do it then so can I.


Here’s Russell again…

I was like, “Oh my gosh. Why am I slacking so much?” It was just the next big eye opener. And we hung out with Brian that whole night in Palm Beach. He picked us up in a Bentley and a Lamborghini, so we got footage of us driving these things all over town, which was crazy.

My whole flight home was just this weird thing of realizing that, and this is the lesson of this podcast, realizing that our ability to grow, and our ability from where we can go has 100% to do with our belief’s between our ears, our brain. What we believe is possible. But a lot of times we don’t believe something, so it’s not possible.
I couldn’t see it. And now because I went to these events and saw these people and I experienced these things, people who are my peers and my friends, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, they’ve already done it.”


Who are you hanging out with that is inspiring you to grow?
What events are you heading to next?


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