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Gavin Allinson Migraines Murray Hing

Murray Hing Physiotherapist discusses Migraine treatment and how exogenous ketones can be used to reduce neural inflammation

October 29, 2018

Gavin Allinson discusses with Murray Hing how he is using exogenous ketones to help treat migraines at the FlexaClinic in Auckland New Zealand.  Murray has been on TV in NZ discussing how he has been getting results with migraine patients in his clinic.  In this interview we are able to go into more detail than Murray was able to on the morning NZ TV show.

Murray advises taking a holistic approach and looking at the 7 body systems that are implicated in causing migraines in the first place.

The seven systems that are involved are:

1. Cognitive/Emotive – Psychological and social factors

2. Musculoskeletal – The joints, ligaments, muscles, and fascia

3. Neurological – Central and peripheral nervous systems

4. Endocrine – Hormone and neurotransmitter balance

5. Respiratory – Breathing patterns and habits

6. Gastrointestinal – Diet and nutrient absorption

7. Circulatory – Heart and blood vessels

Exogenous ketones have a powerful anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective effect and are helping to provide relief.
Murray cautions that ketones are not a magic bullet for treating migraines.

Personally, I’ve never had a migraine but I know people who have and would definitely try ketones to see if they helped and look at following a High Fat Low Carb diet.


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