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Migraines Murray Hing

Murray Hing Flexa Clinic Auckland using the keto diet and exogenous ketones to treat migraines

October 29, 2018

Murray Hing from the Flexa Clinic in Auckland appears on TV NZ to discuss how he treats patients with Migraines and how he is now adding  exogenous ketones into his 7  Body Systems treatment regime.

In the clip below Murray talks more about the 7 Body Systems that are implicated in developing a migraine.

The seven systems that are involved are:

1. Cognitive/Emotive – Psychological and social factors

2. Musculoskeletal – The joints, ligaments, muscles, and fascia

3. Neurological – Central and peripheral nervous systems

4. Endocrine – Hormone and neurotransmitter balance

5. Respiratory – Breathing patterns and habits

6. Gastrointestinal – Diet and nutrient absorption

7. Circulatory – Heart and blood vessels


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