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The Fastest Ways to Get Into Ketosis

February 8, 2018

You’ve heard the talk about the

  • mental clarity 😳,
  • focus ,
  • appetite suppression,
  • additional energy
  • Fat Burning 
  • Power 💪 and
  • Zen like state


You want to feel it and you want to get there as FAST as possible to see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

This article for those that are IMPATIENT and it details different strategies for getting into Ketosis as fast as possible..

Before we dive in a couple of points.

Ketosis is the state of having ketones in your blood, it is different to ketogenesis which is your body producing ketones from the breakdown of fat when available carbohydrate stores (liver and muscle glycogen are depleted). Ketosis is defined as having a level of over 0.5 mmol of the ketone body Beta Hydroxy Butyrate (r-BHB) in the blood.

Before you try any of these methods read the last section about the importance of electrolytes, it could affect your performance and be dangerous if you don’t. Apart from that dive right in.


It’s a race to burn through your glycogen stores as fast as possible

Start exercising   and don’t stop… depending on the intensity of what you do your glycogen could be depleted in as little as 2 hours, obviously you won’t be able to eat any carbs , you can eat fat and still get into ketosis during this period but you probably won’t want to or need to if you are exercising hard.

You may have done long run in the past and have ended up hitting the wall or if you are a cyclist bonking because you didn’t use or have any carbs ..

It is at this point when you have depleted your glycogen stores you switch to burning fat for fuel. If you have not practiced being a fat burner  and  have become fat adapted then you will struggle when you have to switch from being a sugar 🍬 burner to a fat burner.
This is important for ultra distance runners to practice being able to burn fat.

Once your glycogen is depleted then you can stay in ketosis by keeping your carbs below 20g per day.

So running a marathon on an empty stomach and having no energy drinks (make sure you have some electrolytes though) will get you into ketosis in 2 to 3 hours.


MCT oils are special (60 percent of coconut oil  is MCT) type of oil..they are transported directly to the liver and are broken down directly into ketones in contrast to other fats that are broken down through the digestive system.

Drinking MCT’s is a rapid way to get into ketosis and is often used by people following a High Fat Low Carb Lifestyle.

The issue with MCT is that your gut can only tolerate so much before you may succumb to a condition commonly termed ‘disaster pants’ 🚽 no explanation necessary.

MCTs are often used in coffee (bullet proof coffee) to give a short term elevation of ketones however the smaller amount of ketones are used by the body very quickly so the benefits can be shorter lived. MCT’s perhaps are better employed in practical terms as a way to maintain ketosis rather than a rapid way of getting into ketosis.

3 Water FASTING (no food just water) 🚰

You know the score only for the hard core 💪

Water Fasts usually last for 3 to 5 days to be effective.
Don’t worry you will not start losing your hard earned gainz from the gym and be breaking down muscle.

You may not have the time or the aptitude to exercise your way into ketosis rapidly, the next fastest approach is to simply stop eating. There are additional health benefits of fasting as opposed to ketosis

Your body will utilise glycogen (stored carbs) for fuel for 36 to 48 hours before your body has depleted it’s stores and starts breaking down fat to produce ketones.

There are additional health benefits of water fasting (autophagy, immune system and stem cell regeneration) and I’ve got a Facebook group where we share resources and provide support and encouragement on how to do it effectively and safely. Having the right combination of water and salts is the key.


In the last 2 years drinkable ketones have been made commercially available, they’ve been discussed on multiple podcasts and numerous scientific studies have been conducted and are being conducted on this exciting new area.

As we mentioned before ketosis is achieved with a blood reading higher than 0.5 mm.

Drinking Exogenous Ketones will get you past that level 📈 within an hour 🕐. The health benefits of ketosis are now within reach of the wider population and not just the growing army of ‘bio-hackers’.

Many people are put off by the restrictions of a ketogenic diet (only 20 g per day of carbs per day) and hence never get to experience what it feels like to be in ketosis or experience the health benefits of having ketones in their body.

What we are noticing is that many people are now starting off by experimenting with exogenous ketones and transitioning to a higher fat low carb lifestyle (50 to 150g of Carbs per day) and then using Exogenous Ketones and MCT’s to keep their ketone levels topped up.

As with any new product there are various companies with different qualities just because a product has keto on the label does not mean that it has any ketones in it.

One important distinction to look out for is are the ketones the ‘d’ form and not the ‘l’ form. In chemistry 👨‍🔬 when molecules are synthesised in a lab a 50:50 mixture of left and right handed molecules is formed. Our body only produces the right handed ‘d’ form of the ketone body beta hydroxy butyrate.

A way to envision this is to think of trying to put a left handed glove onto your right hand, it sort of works but it doesn’t work as nearly as well as the right glove on the right hand. It’s a safer bet to use the right handed ‘d’ form of any exogenous ketone.


This combines elements of the water fast (no food) with the use of exogenous ketones. The major benefit is that it’s a gentler introduction to the world of ketosis and compliance is higher.

The Reboot is also supported with an additional ‘bone broth’ that is infused with d-BHB, 4 types of collagen, protein peptides and also includes much needed electrolytes. All the products include AC-11 which is the only supplement that has ever been shown to REPAIR DNA the reboot also includes an evening drink Keto Kalm that is designed to promote restful sleep 😴 and maintain ketosis during sleep.

We’ve covered the fastest ways to get into ketosis in this article, it doesn’t have to be a race, no way is right or wrong, what i suggest is to experiment with all the different approaches and find the way that suits you best to get ketones in your body.




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